Cyclo Limousine @ Nikkei Business

On an interview with Nikkei Business, CEO Mai Hoai Giang talked about her home school – Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU).
She shared that “APU is the University where you get the skills to design life in your own way”. She also mentioned that her time studying at APU plays an important part in shaping her business vision and decisions now.

When I was at Quoc Hoc High School, a prestiged 120 years old high school in Hue, Vietnam, I had an exchange program with Ritsumeikan Keisho (Hokkaido) students. A friend from that exchanged team introduced me about APU. My mother was a teacher of Japanese in my hometown since I was small, so going to Japan to study had always been my big dream. But at the same time, I also enjoyed being in an international environment with friends from countries around the world. When I heard about APU, I at once knew that this world my “ideal university”

Read more from here. Article in Japanese.

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