Digital Information Wall @ Tokyo Guide Map Kabukicho Shinjuku

Moving forward to Tokyo Olympic 2020, Tokyo tourism experience is changing so fast everyday.

Even the Tourist Information Centers are renewing themselves for better serving tourists with the most updated information. An example we have here is the Digital Information Wall.

Before, to search for the information you need, you need to ask the reception to help searching for you the suitable one from a moutain of paper catalogs and leaflets. After picking up the ones you like, you will have to carry these papers around, very heavy and inconvenient.

The Digital Information Wall changes this all! Standing in front of a big touch Digital Wall, you are free to search for any information you need depending on categories or map. After that, you can recheck the favorite ones from your mobile! How nice!

Please go to TOKYO GUIDE MAP Kabukicho in Shinjuku to experience this new era of Tourist Information Center!

You can also find our Cyclo Limousine ‘s information on this wall.