Ginza Shopping Concierge Course Released

Ginza Shopping Concierge service released

Ginza is heaven for shopping lovers with high-end fashion stores in luxury buildings combined with Japanese "omotenashi".

However, for your first time in Ginza, it's not easy to know where all of the brands you want to visit are. And even if you are already familiar with the area, since all of the shops are all scattered, a long walk and a lot of time is required to go around. This is not easy espcially while carrying big shopping bags!

Cyclo Limousine Shopping Concierge service will make your experience even more enjoyable and perfect. Please contact us in advance with the shops you want to visit, things you want to buy or just any request. We will contact the shops in advance to get you all available previlege. Then on our Cyclo Limousine, we will take you from one luxury door to one luxury. No worry about the road, the luggage or any long tiring walk.

Let us also introduce you fancy places in Ginza beside shopping.

Enjoy a luxury time!