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Cyclo Couple Date with Photography service

NEW! To celebrate an aniversary, to create memory of a special day, or just to record your moments in love

Cyclo Limousine for business

Be noticed and remembered.

Cyclo Limousine Tours with Drivers

ENJOY A LUXURY TIME around Tokyo with our Cyclo Limousine service.

Our Projects

Vietnam Festival 2018 (May 19th & 20th)

This year is the 45th years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan. We are planning many interesting projects for the event on May 19th and 20th 2018.

Cycle Dream Festa 2018 (May 5th – Day of Bicycle in Japan)

An event organized by Bicycling Popularization Association of Japan. You can try Cyclo for free in this event!

Cyclo Couples Photography Project

This is a photography project to send out the message about “Love’s diversity”. Please take this chance to have an unforgetable moment with your beloved one on the Cyclo.
Enjoy the luxury of love!

Do you know this?

The year rickshaw "Cyclo" was invented
The number of countries where rickshaws are still in operation
The number of rickshaw types around the world
The number of "cyclo" in operation in Japan

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チャン・ダイ・クアンベトナム国賓としての訪日の成功及びベトナムと日本外交関係樹立45周年を記念するレセプションが6/1(金)、東京・元赤坂の明治記念館で開かれました。駐日ベトナム大使館の主催で、チャン・ダイ・クアン国家主席ご夫妻と両国の関係者方、また、天皇皇后両陛下もご臨席されました。RAROMA株式会社のCEOマイ・ホアイ ジャン氏が出席する機会を頂きました。

Cyclo Limousine @ TOKYO FM

RAROMA Inc (Cyclo Limousine)’s CEO Mai Hoai Giang has been invited as guess speaker to TOKYO FM (Radio)  ‘s chanel Kuronosu / The starters, a program featuring young entrepreneurs with projects that bring big effects to the society. Ms Mai’s talk will be ON AIR on May 8th and 15th. She has shared about Cyclo […]

Cyclo Limousine @ Sponichi

In an interview with Sponichi News, CEO Mai Hoai Giang talked about her mission, vision and story when deciding to start Cyclo Limousine, the first services ever in Japan that make use of the Vietnamese “Xich lo”.

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