Ginza Beauty Course

Ginza is not only the heaven for shopping lovers with high-end, luxurious stores but also a great location for any who loves to experience the essences of Japanese traditions. This is why in the Ginza Beauty Course, we delicately combine both of the modern, luxury with the Japanese-traditional-vibes in Ginza. 


Our journey will bring you to many different atmospheres in Ginza to give you the most diversified experiences. We will go from the classic Japanese letter writing to traditional souvenir and sweets to the modern, technological spa and finally ended at the luxurious corners in town 

Dive yourself into every corners of Ginza with Cyclo Limousine  service will make your experience even more enjoyable and perfect.

You will be welcomed with our cyclo driver at Ginza Sony Park and start the tour. After about 10 minutes relaxing and sightseeing on our cyclo, the driver will stop at G.C Press, where you could write a letter to your partners. After 30 mins of writing, we will drive you through the street, where Japan's most luxurious brands located. Our next location is Ginza Natsuno, a souvenir store that specialized in Japanese traditional chopsticks. After that, you could choose to go to Panasonic Beauty Spa or have a drive around Ginza’s sceneries. Then, we will take you to Ginza Kanoko for Japanese sweets and tea where you could exchange your letters. Finally, we will end our journey at Hermes

*Note that the course can be flexible depend on your interests




15,000JPY /person (2 - 2.5 hours)


Extended time is available.

Press to start your experience

Meeting Point

Our drivers will pick you up at Ginza Sony Park

*For more details, please contact:

Cyclo Limousine 

Tel: 03-4500-4446