Interview of Cyclo Limousine CEO by Weekend Model

Cyclo Limousine CEO Mai Hoai Giang had an interview with Weekend Model about her work and life style.

As a CEO, a mother, a woman, she believes that with personal efforts as well as undestanding and cooperation from family, friends, colleagues and people around, one can pursue everything she wants and be anything she wants to be in life.

She supports Parallel Working Style of being a weekend model while still keeping your main career. Because this helps you staying well awared of your body, your appearance, preventing self-neglect when you are up to ears with business and house work – but the work load is just exactly at the amount your schedule allows.

She also talks about her dream of having Cyclo Limousine become a symbol of cultural connection, between societies, people, values – a stage for everybody regardless of their nationality or background.

See more in the link below (Interview is in Japanese)