New Course Released

Kimono Hakama Experience Tour released

It's finally there, our all new Kimono Hakama Experience Tour. We offer to you an unique chance to wear a Hakama, a very traditional Japanese clothes. A chance that even japanese don't get so often, as it's only for very solemn event.

Feel like a japanese for it's "Seijin-Shiki" (the 20 years old ceremony) or attending a tea ceremony. Absorb the traditional japanese atmosphere and let's enjoy Marunouchi area aboard the Cyclo Limousine. Our drivers will bring you through the luxurious avenues of Marunouchi to the Station of Tokyo where you could take a picture, and you will travel through time by having a sight of the Imperial Palace.

Don't forget your picture, to share with your loved one this unforgettable moment.

Do not hesitate any more, we are waiting for you.